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Because i can~

Taking this meme from yuuki_7 
I did it yesterday, in a special ver for her.. but now~

Rules: Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem/song that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

Title: Even if we'd been born on different planets (Under the Same Sky - Leah Dizon)

I don't want to return as lovers (Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no - C-ute)
Summer revolution (Summer Revolution - AAA)
Only 3 more laps, then practice will be over (Owaranaide - Tegomass)
Music! Let me hear it. Clap your heart. (MUSIC!!! - AAA)

A chance on a bright morning (Mikan - Morning Musume)
Break your name (Break your name - AAA)
I don't need love (Love Paradox - Leah Dizon)
I want you (Heavy Rotation - AKB48)
Like how I sketched in my heart during that time (Tabidachi no Uta - AAA)
The red burning sun melts away (Akaku Moyuru Taiyou - NEWS)
I'll give you just one passionate kiss (Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu - Morning Musume)
I don't know why.. (Daiji na Koto - AAA)
I have a favor to ask (Heya to Y Shirts to Watashi - Tanaka Reina)
You gave me a piece of gum before I went home (Chewing Gum - AAA)
As for the reason, I don't even know (BINGO! - AKB48)
Just another same old day (Miso Soup - Tegomass)
I just want to say it (Iitai Dake - KoyaShige)
If I suddenly notice it, time is passing (Way of life - V6)
I want to have romance. I want to love (Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama - Berryz Koubou)
Autumn can be sensed from a long way away (Aki no Sora - NEWS)
- - 

I think it's like a kind of sad love poem...

What do you think? XD
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